Bachelor of Commerce

CO1: The Course will enable students to develop business acumen, managerial skills and abilities, and be capable of maintaining business accounts.

CO2: students will be able to communicate effectively both in terms of business as well as social interaction.

CO3: the Course will encourage entrepreneurship spirit among students and encourage them to participate effectively in social, commercial and civic issues ultimately leading to national development.

CO4: the Course will develop the ability to think critically and independently translating into a well-developed personal value system.

Bachelor of Business Management

CO 1 – The course helps aspirants to acquire knowledge in the field of accounting, taxation, auditing, risk management, financial accounting, managerial economics, business law and business communications.

CO 2 – Learners can pursue careers as financial experts and also develop a better understanding of the markets as this course gives an in-depth understanding of the essential qualities and areas of expertise required for such jobs.

CO 3 – Students get opportunities to explore many career paths like investment and portfolio management, stock market, security analysis, mutual fund and capital market analysis, accounting field, financial field etc.

 CO 4 – The Course aims to develop professional skills among students and build a strong foundation in accounts, Finance and Ethics which will benefit themselves as well as the society