Undergraduate Programme - Commerce


PO 1: A thorough basic knowledge in the field of commerce and finance can be acquired by the students after   finishing three years for Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) program,

PO 2: The students can be equipped to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business field since the programme curriculum offers a number of specializations and practical exposures.

PO 3 This program could provide well trained professionals for the Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, Warehousing etc., to meet the well trained manpower requirements.

 At the end of the B.com degree course, by virtue of the training, they can become an manager, accountant, management accountant, cost accountant, bank manager, auditor, company secretary, teacher, professor, stock agents, government jobs etc.,

Undergraduate Programme - Management

PSO 1- To gain thorough systematic and subject skills within various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, economics, banking, finance, auditing and marketing.

PSO 2- To recognize features and roles of businessmen, entrepreneur, managers, consultant, which will help learners to possess knowledge and other soft skills and to react aptly when confronted with critical decision making.

PSO 3 -To equip the students engage in competitive exams like CA, CS, ICWA and other courses.

PSO 4- To acquire the skills like effective communication, decision making, problem solving in day to day business affairs

PSO 5- To acquire practical skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.

PSO 6- To enable the students pursue higher education and advance research in the field of Management

PSO 7- Develop a critical awareness and understanding of the main functional areas of business administration and the management process within a variety of institutional and organizational context

PSO 8- Utilize their knowledge, understanding and skills to work successfully in a professional or business house.

PSO 9- To inculcate writing skills and business correspondence.

PSO 10- Learners venture into Managerial positions, Accounting areas, Banking Sectors, Auditing, Company Secretaryship, Teaching, Professor, Stock Agents, Government Employment etc.

PSO 11= Enables learners to prove themselves in different Professional examinations like CA, CS, CAT, GRE, CMA, MPSC, UPSC etc.

PSO 12- Learners further move towards research in the field of management

PSO 13- Enables students to demonstrate Progressive learning of various tax issues and tax forms related to individuals and businessmen and setting up their own business start up.

PSO 17- The vast syllabi cover various fields of commerce and Management which helps students grasp practical and theoretical knowledge.