Dr. Sunitha V Ganiger

Sl. noName of the Research ScholarDate of RegistrationTitle of the StudyDate of award
1Hanumanthappa B 10.03.2015Empowerment of tribal women through political participation in Grama PanchyatAwarded
2Jayanna H10.03.2015 Impact of migration on left behind family: A special study on professional rural migrants of tumakuru district Pursuing
3Lokesh Naik B10.03.2015 A study on role of education in empowering women among Lambani Community in Karnataka Awarded
4Nagendra N10.03.2015 Sustainable livelihood through dairy farming: Role of milk cooperatives in rural Karnataka Pursuing
5Narasimharaju K10.03.2015 Socio-economic conditions of manual scavengers in Karnataka Pursuing
6Ranganatha B10.03.2015 A study on impact of MGNREGS in ensuring livelihood security among SC and ST is Karnataka Awarded
7Sharadambi G10.03.2015 A sociological study on job satisfaction n among women in information Technology Sector in Bangalore City Pursuing
8Thimmaraju B P10.03.2015 Problems and prospects of Village Rehabilitation Workers in Tumkur district Pursuing

Dr. Nagaraja. S

1 Rashmi kumari. A 18/05/2013 11SO0002 The impact of community radio in socio-cultural transition in karnataka Awarded  
2 Siddagangaih. S G 18/05/2013 11SO0017 The impact of MGNREGA program in drought prone verses irrigated region in tumkur district- A comparitive study Awarded  
3 Jagadeesh. M 18/05/2013 11SO0033 Social changes in lingayat community.-A sociological study in tumkur district. Awarded 05/03/2021  
4 Suresh. K B 18/05/2013 11SO0032 Bhovis of Karnataka :A sociological study Awarded  
5 Manjunatha. H 18/05/2013 13SOE001 Challenges of education and women empowerment among first generation learners of scheduled caste in tumkur district. Thesis submitted  
6 Khalida khanum. A 17/11/2018 14SO005 Exlusive and inclusive practices inuslim community :A sociological investigation with special reference to women   Pursuing

Dr. Ashwini B Jane

1 Darshan. H T TU18SO002 17/11/2018 A sociological study on higher education among rural women.   Pursuing
2 Bhagath singh. K T TU18SO001 17/11/2018 Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe(prevention of atrocities )act: A sociological study   Pursuing
3 Santhosh kimar. H TU18SO004 17/11/2018 A sociological study on ganga kalyana scheme.   Pursuing